Prior to joining Integrated, Rob served as the Chief Investment Officer for:

  • Goldman Sachs Personal Financial Management ($24 billion AUM)
  • Genworth Financial Asset Management, Inc. ($7.5 billion AUM)
  • The Arizona Public Safety Personnel Retirement System ($7.5 billion AUM)

He also held senior-level investment leadership roles with:

  • CFA Institute (over 190,000 members)
  • SEI, Inc. (over $300 billion AUA)
  • Cambridge Associates, LLC (over $300 billion AUA)
  • GE Private Asset Management ($7 billion AUM)


Rob is a senior level investment professional with over three decades of experience in portfolio management for large, sophisticated foundations, endowments, pensions, and the ultra-high net worth.

His research follows all the major asset categories, including stocks, bonds, currencies, real estate, commodities, and physical and financial reinsurance - both domestic and international.

Rob has extensive experience with manager due diligence, selection, and monitoring  -  having invested many tens of billions of dollars in the areas of alternative investments (including venture capital, infrastructure, private equity, reinsurance, alternative lending, variance risk, distressed credit, structured credit, synthetic credit, bricks & mortar, hedge funds, and derivatives, both domestic and international).